Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Green Item–Succulents

Happy Friday! Sorry I have been away for so long…there has been some family obligations I needed to tend to. But I am back and have lots of ideas to share with you.
My “green” item today is Succulents. I consider them an eco plant choice, since they require so little water being they are part of the cactus family. I bought this huge bowl last year with the idea to plant succulents on our patio table so they could withstand the hot, hot summer sun but never got a chance to complete the project since I didn’t like the selection of picked over plants at the nursery by the time I got over there.  So, we’ll see how they do. Since they are a perennial, I am hoping to overwinter them in the garage and bring them out next year. That’s why I left so much space between plants-I am hoping they will last many years and I can bring them out each summer as they grow and grow and grow.
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If you can find it, I used the Cactus mix from Espoma to provide good drainage. I bought it last year at a nursery anticipating doing this project, but I haven’t seen this soil out in stores this year. I have learned from my sedum in my front yard-they will easily rot if they are not well-drained! Sad smile

Espoma Cactus Mix
Happy Planting! Smile
Have a great weekend. What are your plans?

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