Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tidbits at Sweedish Day and 2nd Basic H Review

If you are looking for beautifully designed totes for shopping and an everyday catchall or pillows to decorate your home and give as gifts-you must check out Tidbits. If you are in the Chicago area, you should check out Geneva’s Sweedish Days. Tidbits (under Desmond Brown Design) is there today thru the 23rd showcasing her designs. She is located nearest to the Hamilton and 2nd St intersection. Hours are Tues/Wed 10-6 and Thurs, 10-4. Here is just a sampling of her pieces. Custom orders are also available.
             For the Tooth Fairy                                Hoot Hoot                               
Blog pics 004Blog pics 005
How about on a kitchen banquette or tossed on a hard wooden chair at the breakfast table
Blog pics 007
Birds and Butterflies
Blog pics 008Blog pics 013
Pillow Pairs
Blog pics 009
Great Gifts too
Blog pics 010Blog pics 011
For more of Tidbits’ designs-go here.

The 2nd half of this post is using Basic H as a degreaser. Reed has especially dry skin so we slather him with a thick, greasy lotion twice a day that keeps his skin well hydrated. Sometimes it hasn’t completely dried by the time we head downstairs in the morning. He is really great at using the handrail-but sometimes uses the wall to slide down causing some greasy marks under the railing:
Blog pics 029
I have found other cleaners would just leave streaks on the walls when attempting to wipe this down. For just regular fingerprints, the Basic H all purpose would probably do the job just fine-for this knowing it’s greasy lotion, I get out the Degreaser formula! 1 1/2 tsp to 16 oz of water. That’s a whole 16 cents for a 16 oz bottle and it can be used for anything that is grease based. What about a greasy stove after cooking or the cabinets above the stove that get splattered or even your grill. This will take care of it all-and you only needed one basic cleaning concentrate, Basic H. You would of already had to buy 2 cleaners, an all-purpose and a degreaser.
Blog pics 021Blog pics 016
Do you like my new Shaklee spray bottle? I just my set of them yesterday-so much cuter than the plain old spray bottle! You get one for each of the Basic H formulas(all-purpose, windows and degreaser) in a set. Plus, there are the formula measurements right on the back of the bottle.
I spray it on and wipe. Then our wall looks like this, until tomorrow…Smile
Blog Pics 007
Don’t you love when you can find a product that does so many things? Try Basic H.
Hope you are having a great day!

Shaklee Spray bottles

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