Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Pictures and Basic H-Windows and Mirrors

The rainy weather that was forecasted on Friday night for Saturday and Sunday, held out. We ended up having a pretty nice weekend. We took Reed to the zoo on Saturday and went to a park down by the river in Geneva and then to lunch. I love these kind of weekends! I cherish this family time the three of us have together! Reed is growing up so fast and I love that we are creating such great memories as a family.
Here are some pictures-
The morning of the zoo, Reed having his breakfast while we got ready to go…we don’t let him watch too much tv, but when he does, he sure does LOVE it! Jeff is convinced it’s a Greenway male trait that they all go into a trance when the tv is on.
Zoo 007
waiting for the zoo to open…yes we are now one of those people that is waiting for things to open since we are up so early now.
Zoo 020
This polar bear was awesome. He was putting on quite a show swimming back and forth and flipping around. Reed was mesmerized…
Zoo 102
it was 80’s and humid-the water sprinklers must of felt great!
Zoo 122

Here are some from Father’s day-
Reed checking out the river
Father's Day 010
Father and son talk about why you cannot go into the river…
Father's Day 038
Dad doing what dads do best to make their kids laugh!
Father's Day 007
enjoying the swings
Father's Day 060

I have never been good at cleaning windows or mirrors. I would wipe and wipe and wipe, think they are clean and seriously walk by later, and there would be a streak I missed. It’s that kind of cleaning task that makes me dread cleaning. It seems like such a waste of time if it doesn’t look like I cleaned. So, imagine my shock when I tried the window/mirror formula of Basic H and there were no streaks. The glass and mirrors looked better than they ever had!!! Smile I use my new spray bottle with 2 drops, yes, 2 drops of Basic H to 16oz of water and special glass/mirror rag from Shaklee. It costs less than 1 cent to make a gallon of window/mirror cleaner, so for a 16 oz spray bottle, we are talking a fraction of a cent!
Blog pics 014
Do you have those pieces of glass that you’ve cleaned and cleaned, but they still just look kind cloudy. I just always thought it was because it was cheap glass. I love to get my home accessories from Home Goods and Target so I can change them out without feeling too guilty,  so I always thought, you get what you pay for. That’s not why the glass was cloudy-it just needed a good cleaner to cut through the film.
Like these glass canisters. I wish I had a before picture-one swipe on these inside and out-made them gleam!
 Blog pics 035
What about sliding glass doors or front door sidelights where you get your little one’s handprints or your animal’s nose prints? I just couldn’t seem to get a good shot of the glass looking all icky to show you the before. Here are the afters,
Blog pics2 002
Blog pics2 006
Blog pics 024
A quick in-between cleaning on polished faucets(when you have a toddler, starting potty training, the faucet gets spotty in no time)
Blog pics 025
Blog pics 031

Can you tell I LOVE this stuff? I know you will too!

Naturally Safe Pic

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