Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Green Living day 11: green bath



 Turn off the faucet. Running the bathroom tap for just two minutes while brushing your teeth wastes more than 2 gallons of water. If your family does that morning and night (and longer when shaving), wasted water adds up. Keep a reminder near the sink until you're all in the habit of turning water off.

Evolve's Roadrunner low-flow showerhead saves about eight gallons per five-minute shower. The water slows to a trickle when it's fully heated, letting you know it's time to step in and pull the tab for a full-strength spray.
From $40; evolveshowerheads.com

Tweak Your Toilet- “If you don't have a low-flow toilet, place a half-gallon jug filled with water in the tank," advises Thomas Kostigen, author of "The Green Blue Book". "Simply displacing the water could save a family more than 4,000 gallons a year."


Choose Organic Cotton or Bamboo linens

Renewable bamboo isn't just a substitute for wood. Fabric woven from its fibers is absorbent and naturally antibacterial, making it ideal for towels.


Avoid PVC Shower Curtains-Most shower curtains are made from polyvinyl-chloride or PVC, a plastic that can release hormone-disrupting phthalates into the air. Look for non-vinyl curtains instead.

Change your TP. If every family in the United States replaced one roll of conventional toilet paper with a roll of 100 percent recycled material, we'd save 423,900 trees in a year.
Use Organic Cotton Balls free of chlorine bleach.


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