Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days to Green Living day 18: green water


We all know we should drink more water…I personally struggle with this, but am really trying to make better choices in what I consume. I have found that I drink the most when I use a straw.
For on the go, we are often tempted to reach for the pre-packaged bottle of water. 
You know this is bad…
But do you know how bad? Americans go through an estimated 70 million-plus water bottles a day, and a mere 14 percent get recycled. It's not just that they're taking up space in our landfills. Vast quantities of oil are consumed to make, transport, and dispose of them. What's more, the manufacturing of plastic bottles actually requires two times more water than the bottles will ultimately contain. We can easily get our fix another way: from the tap. Steer clear of hard polycarbonate bottles, marked with the resin code 7 on the bottom; they can contain bisphenol A, an endocrine disrupter and possible carcinogen

So, why not invest in some reusable, safe water bottle alternatives:

  To fill these up-use filtered water from home. Try Shaklee’s Get Clean Water Pitcher-
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