Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days to Green Living

Welcome to the first day of our series 31 Days to Green Living.

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I wanted to take this first day to give some background as to why I started making Green choices in our living. When this whole “Green” concept came about so many years ago it started as a revolution to save the planet and help stop it’s deterioration. So, when we moved to our house, we did our part and recycled. Now it has evolved into so, so much more. To me, living green is about purifying, simplifying and reusing. Living Green betters our health both in the short and long term and helps the planet. Not every choice I make is necessarily “green” but I DO incorporate several practices into every single day and it’s second nature now. I have often been asked how I got started on this…and you will laugh, but my being conscious of making green and healthy choices really all started with cage free eggs and has morphed into our lifestyle as we learn more and more on what choices we have.  How does cage free eggs spur you into being green you may ask? Well, I was watching that silly Napolean Dynamite movie years ago and naively asked my husband if that’s how chickens really were kept-in those cages 24/7 to just lay eggs. He couldn’t believe I had been so sheltered; I have always had such a love for animals and it just made me so upset that poor chickens had such a terrible life…I know dramatic-but it changed me nonetheless. I discovered the cage free eggs at the grocery store that very next week and then after buying those for a few months switched to the organic variety that is also cage free and without all the hormones and antibiotics. It was a win/win for us and the chickens! Then came organic milk, non-toxic floor cleaner(one day it dawned on me that the floor cleaner had chemicals that our cats walked and laid on and then licked off themselves ingesting into their bodies), cloth napkins and then on and on as I read more and more about what better choices I could be making for our health and for the better of the planet.
So, for the next 30 days I will be giving you a tip to make a change in your living and give you some background on the how it could impact you. Knowledge is power!
Here’s to your greener living!

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