Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days to Green Living day 6: Houseplants

Although we can try to limit the amount of VOC’s entering our home, we cannot eliminate them altogether. Investing in some houseplants will help purify your air. When it comes to cleaning air, the more plants the merrier and they look nice, too!
All green plants help freshen indoor air by producing oxygen and absorbing the carbon dioxide we exhale, but some are better than others.
Here are the top 10 plants that are the most effective all-around in counteracting off gassed chemicals and contributing to balanced internal humidity.

Areca palm
Reed palm
Dwarf date palm
Boston fern
Janet Craig dracaena
English ivy
Australian sword fern
Peace Lily
Rubber plant
Weeping fig
To read more about purifying your home with plants, check out former NASA scientist B.C. Wolverton, Ph.D., author of How to Grow Fresh Air With Plants.

**If you have pets, please check with about what plants are poisonous to animals before bringing a new plant into your home.**

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