Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days to Green Living day 22: reusable party ware

Thanksgiving buffet

Do you entertain family & friends? Are you hosting a holiday this year?

Try thinking about investing in reusable party ware now that will serve you for years and years to come. You don’t have to get everything all at once. We rarely need all these types of supplies for every party. I have just built up the collection over time picking things up here and there when I see a good deal.
Just get what you need for your party/holiday this year. Even if you just switched out one item to reusable, you would be saving a lot of waste and money over the long run. Also, it’s less to think about when you are hosting. It makes having a party that much easier when you know that part is "done".

Here is what we have:

Appetizer plates (24)

Buffet plates (30)

Kid “sized” Melamine Plates (10)
from Home Goods this past summer

Beverage Containers (2)
Something like this…although we got ours at Sur La Table in 2010 summer and they were less money, more oz. capacity and there were stands to elevate the container along w/ cute chalkboard tags to indicate what the beverage was. I really LOVE using these. Everyone always asks about them. One caution with finding a “deal” on this item, I got burned on this before by getting it at Home Goods (now it just sits on a basement shelf until I figure out what “clever” thing I can do with it), spout just dripped the fluid out-check the opening before buying to make sure it’s big enough.

Short & Tall Glasses (24)

BPA free Kid glasses (10)
from Target

Monogrammed Beverage Napkins (30)
from Home Goods a couple years ago

Cloth Napkins (30-dedicated for parties only)
from Home Goods

usually just borrow silverware if needed or buy “green” silverware that’s biodegradable
Home Goods probably has a good quantity of boxed silverware with the holidays upon us
I found “green” silverware at my local grocery store

2 shaklee banner for fall

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