Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 30: green kids

Happy Halloween!!!

As a continuation of yesterday's post on keeping our children's environments healthy, let's talk about ways to make our kids' environments Green.

Pass Up Toxic Toys

These toy brands have a track record for safety:

Sprig Toys
Holgate Toys
Melissa & Doug
North Star Toys

Play Green

I am seeing more and more "living green" inspired toys these days. For example, Reed has a Recycling truck...that sure wasn't around when we were growing up. Also, how cute is this dollhouse?
It has a windmill, solar panels, a rain barrel, and recycling bins starts eco-habits early. 
Green dollhouse, $240;

Here’s an online “green” toy store:

Pack Waste-Free Lunches

Everything in Kids Konserve's kit -- from cloth napkin to sandwich wrap to stainless-steel containers -- can be used again and again.

Be a Green example

Kids learn more from what we do than what we say. If you incorporate green practices into everyday living, they will think this is just what should be done and develop these important habits for themselves. 
Children are like looking into a you like what you see?

Wishing you a safe and Happy Halloween!

If you want to provide a safe and healthy home for your family, I'd love to speak with you.


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