Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 29: green babies

Our children...we want to provide them the best, safest world we can.  Healthy Child Healthy World-a national nonprofit that educates consumers on how to create healthful environments.

When you are setting up your child's nursery (or re-doing their room), use no VOC paint, non-toxic furniture and natural rugs that won't off-gas. Use only non-toxic cleaners in their rooms and wash or at least put stuffed animals in the dryer once a month to rid them of dust mites.

Here are some ideas for making your baby's environment as safe and green as possible:

Glass Bottles

I decided to go with good old-fashioned glass bottles even though BPA free is supposed to be safe. I like to take as much plastic out of the equation, then there is never a question.

Cloth Diapers

It's expected that a baby will go through 5000-6000 diapers in their first 2 years of life. That's horrifying to think about the amount of diapers going into the landfill!!!
As a typical mom to be, I was overzealous about doing everything "right". We did use cloth diapers in the beginning while we were at home and did the disposable when out and about. As Reed got older, they seemed to be too small even though they were on the largest size and he fussed when they were on. Oh least I saved some diapers from going into the landfill.

Here are some popular brands of cloth diapers:
You can find them at


Baby Care
Look for bath wash, lotion and diaper cream with safe ingredients, especially no parabens & phthalates.

Try Shaklee's Baby Care line

Make Baby Food 
This can sound daunting...but I assure you, after a few times, you will have it down pat and be so glad you are giving your baby the healthiest food. We felt so strongly about this-and wanted Reed to be familiar with what good food tastes like.

They have fun baby food makers out now:

I must admit though, we did it the "old-fashioned" way with a pot, blender and strainer. At the time, the Beaba Baby Cook wasn't BPA free and for almost $150, I couldn't justify the cost. And I will tell you, I was able to make baby food just fine with my method, I just had more dirty dishes. But, I would just pick an afternoon and blitz out a baby food making session and freeze it all to last weeks. I did buy several storage containers such as these and a cookbook to give me recipes for pureeing for each stage of eating.

For your overall baby needs:
I love this site!

If you want to provide a safe and healthy home for your family, email me:

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