Wednesday, November 6, 2013

make your own {frozen} waffle sticks

Make your own frozen waffles 060

I am so not a morning person. Getting myself and two kids ready and fed,  Reed’s snack for school made and make it to school in a unhurried, pleasant manor is about all I can manage in the wee hours of the morning. Being able to turn on the oven to warm up frozen waffles some days is what works.

So, recently I have been making waffle stick batches that I then freeze and have the convenience of just pulling some out for the boys’ breakfast on school mornings. You can certainly just make whole waffles but for kids, waffle sticks are just so much more fun! The waffle iron I picked up at Target just happens to make waffle sticks, but I used to just cut up a whole waffle into “sticks”.

I use a gluten-free and vegan version from Gwyneth’s “It’s All Good” cookbook and have been adding pumpkin pie spice lately for extra yummy seasonal flavor, but certainly use your favorite recipe and just make a big batch and freeze. I find warming them at 300 degrees for about 10 minutes works great. We have been enjoying ours these days with some yummy pumpkin butter and a fruit of choice.

I hope you'll give this {make your own} idea a try. You know what ingredients you are giving your family, they taste so much better than any store bought version and yet are still quick and convenient on busy mornings. :)

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