Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reed turned 2…

So last week Jeff was on vacation and it was just a whirlwind…between appointments that I wanted to get in while he was home, trying to potty train,  get ready for house guests and have a small, “simple” birthday party. I am still “recovering”; I do not feel up to doing a whole lot of anything. I have managed to do some chores like laundry and cleaning so I don’t get completely behind and get all crabby and stressed preparing for guests this weekend. I realized nothing I do is simple, so I need to devise a better plan of attack for future years. I am sure a lot of it comes down to procrastination on decisions. I had so many ideas-but couldn’t make up my mind and in the end, time runs out and I am not able to do everything I wanted. I need to keep focus on what the purpose of the party is supposed to be. It was about celebrating Reed, not all the little things I stress about…

Nonetheless, we had a great party and it was a perfect summer evening. I was so busy getting everything finalized, I didn’t take the pictures I had wanted to for this post. Several years ago, we invested in buffet plates, acrylic glasses and a ton of matching napkins to be able to reuse again and again as we have parties. Last year, I added 2 drink dispensers, these are great-we had lemonade in one and sparkling sangria in the other…yummy! This year I also picked up some more melamine plates for the kids, I figure we will be using those for many years to come. I only bought some plastic forks and disposable tablecloths b/c the size we needed was so long.

Here’s a couple pictures from his party…

I have seen these banners a lot out in blog land and wanted to try making one myself.

Reed 2nd Birthday 077

Family photo…

we had lots of water activities for the kids-so we just put Reed in his bathing suit

Reed 2nd Birthday 127

Beach ball sprinkler for a warm summer night

Reed 2nd Birthday 136

Reed eating dessert-his first ice cream sandwich, chocolate of course

Reed 2nd Birthday 142Reed 2nd Birthday 138

I think Reed enjoyed his birthday with his family and friends!

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  1. What great pictures! I can't believe Reed is two. You are right about not getting distracted by all of the preparations so that you miss out on the fun. Cherish each moment. Our summer got too busy for our trip to Chicago. We will try for next summer. The kids would love to play with Reed. I'm loving your blog!