Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Green Item-Rain Barrel

I am chuckling as I write about this…we have not had a good amount of rain in weeks-so my rain barrel hasn’t been much use lately…
But, when we do have regular precipitation, it’s awesome. I use it to water flower pots and the garden. It’s great not having to turn on the outside hose.
Blog Pics 022
The key to this really filling up is a diverter that attaches to the downspout. When the barrel gets full, the water is redirected out the downspout so there is no overflow.
Blog Pics 023
We got this in 2008 at Now, they have more subdued colors…don’t get me wrong, I am partial to green, but I would of liked something that stood out less. At least it’s on the side of the house that no one really sees and the shrubs are almost tall enough to disguise the diverter from the patio vantage point. Smile

Have a great weekend! Ours will have a little R&R and some great friends over for dinner.

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