Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is it wrong

that I have spent so much time thinking about a rug? I just can’t get it out of my head and desperately have been trying to find something I like as much for less

…it’s even sillier since it all might be a moot point after next Monday. I hate it when emotions take over practicality.

I am obsessed with this rug.

Bonita Rug 

I love the subdued colors yet it’s playful for a child’s room and has that oh-so Anthropologie look to it.

I first saw this as I was browsing through a Garnet Hill catalog that was addressed to the “current” resident in this house. I am almost (and I only mean almost because I am in love with it)sorry I even looked at the catalog. My only hesitation is the cost. It would be an investment rug for a kid’s room for sure, but thought it could grow with her…that’s how I am trying to justify it. We don’t have to buy much for the room since we are reusing the crib, changing table, glider, etc from when Reed was a baby. And I am reusing the chicken wire armoire I used to have in my kitchen in the old house if it’s a girl for storage. If it’s a boy, we would buy a new dresser and would need a rug too, so the two together would probably cost the same…right??? I want to be $$ practical, but also believe if you love something, it’s worth the splurge. I would do a 5x8 size for the nursery and this would be my decor jumping off point. I had some thoughts floating around in my head, but because I wasn’t sure what the gender is, hadn’t given it much thought. It’s just so silly I am even talking about it now, right?

We find out next Monday the gender which just happens to be the last day for the 20% coupon I received in my email yesterday. Could it be fate? I have never really shopped with this merchant before and certainly wasn’t on their email list until I saw this. I signed up in hopes that maybe they would send me a coupon or let me know about sales. As luck would have it…they sent me the 20% coupon yesterday.

So, we’ll know in a few days if this rug will be entering my home. :)

What do you think? Do you ever find yourself just obsessed with decorative stuff?


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