Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Took a break from all the boxes…

The move went well and now we are just digging ourselves out of boxes and trying to put together a home. We’ve been in the house a week now and things are coming along. The hardest part has just been figuring out what to do with all our stuff…it’s been good to really access, “do I really need this?”. With this house, we did downsize some in both sq footage and definitely in storage area, which is what we wanted to have less to maintain but now we need to have a BIG SALE now to get rid of stuff to simplify!!! :)

The main rooms we “live” in are coming along and almost all unpacked and I am just itching to start decorating them. The other rooms, well…those are another story. Gotta have priorities, right?

This past Saturday, our neighborhood hosted a newcomers pool party. What a great excuse to stop unpacking and enjoy ourselves meeting our new neighbors. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. I guess it is the South, right? The whole meal was catered by the association, we just had to bring a fruit or veggie to share. I didn’t have alot of time with being so busy unpacking, but wanted to show some thoughtfulness to the dish we brought. Sooo….good ‘ole Pinterest to the rescue!

Rainbow fruit skewers!!! How fun are these? And, they were a hit. There was other plates of fruit there, but these flew first. A fun presentation entices both kids & adults alike!

Fruit Kabobs

Sorry about not great pic, grabbed my iphone real quick as we headed out the door. :)


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  1. Looks yummy! I'll have to try that. Glad you are getting settled in your new home.