Friday, February 21, 2014

on motivation

It's a quiet morning while Reed is in school and Luc is napping. I have been looking forward to a day without chasing all week, yet I am kinda feeling melancholy. I caught up with a few blogs, perused Pinterest a bit and then started feeling guilty like I should actually do some housekeeping since much didn't get done this week. So, I washed out the knife drawer organizer that's been bugging me every time I open it and see crumbs. That's done.
Now here I am, chatting with you. I just can't get motivated to really do a darn thing. Remember when you were a kid and you'd say "I'm bored" and your mother threw out tons of suggestions and nothing sounded enjoyable so you just moped around waiting to be inspired or motivated to do something? Or was I the only one that did that? {wink}
That's where I am at.
When weeks are extra busy like this one has been and my routine is off, I find it so hard to get back on track. The house isn't going to magically get clean or any of my long list of want to-do's done the longer I delay.  I guess I think maybe tomorrow I will feel motivated??? And frankly that's usually what happens. One day I wake up and am just motivated to keep house, to create, to fluff, etc... And then once I get into it, I get really into it and it's hard to stop for the day and I am often puttering about well into the late evening trying to get just one more thing done. Almost forty years and I haven't quite figured out how I make that switch so suddenly...

So, what motivates you?

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