Friday, February 28, 2014

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Happy Friday!

I do ALOT of soaking of laundry in this house.
I have found it helps tremendously for removing the stain before I can actually wash the item. As you may remember from my homekeeping series last year, I still assign a type of laundry to each day so I don't feel buried in the piles and piles of laundry if I did it all on one day.
I recently found this large {16x16} vintage enamelware basin. It is in such good shape. I had been hunting for one for awhile, but since it was to be put to actual use soaking laundry, there could be no chips {at least on the inside} that would rust and stain what I was actually trying to clean.

When I soak anything that has a stain, I always use cool water {hot water can set a stain}, a bit of laundry soap and a scoop of an enzyme powder to lift stains and just let it soak overnight. And then set aside to air dry until it's ready to launder.
I use Shaklee's unscented detergent and nature bright stain remover powder. Since I do laundry almost everyday, I keep all my laundry arsenal out on display so its easily accessible. I decant the nature bright powder into a large glass canister which looks so much more attractive than the bag it comes in and I seem to use it on almost every load that goes into the wash. :)

We are expecting glorious weather again this weekend which I hope comes true since I could use a little thawing-out from the mid-week cold spell. We need to get back out into the yard and finish cleanup and start making progress on building our garden! Yeah!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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