Wednesday, March 5, 2014

starting a garden from seed

Ahhh, starting a garden from seeds...something I have long dreamed of doing but frankly it kind of intimated me.  But there are so many good reasons to start from seed.  I prefer to have an organic and heirloom garden, so searching through seed catalogs affords me lots of choices. Plus it's way less expensive. It really doesn't take much time to sow the seeds, either. Something new always can seem more daunting than it really is.

I started all my seeds that require a jump start indoors today. Now I have my fingers {& toes} crossed.  I am a smidge behind...kept putting it off because I fear failing. Don't we all? But, I was chatting with a fellow gardening friend this morning and my admittance of not starting the seeds yet guilted me into action. :) I have even added pressure of success because I promised her some seedlings.
Most of the seeds need very warm soil to germinate, about 80 degrees. Geesh, that is very hard to achieve in early spring, even inside. I have a long table complete with a grow light, heat mats and a space heater {because that room is chilly}all set up in our guest room. I used cow pots {they are composted manure} to start the seeds because these can be planted right into the ground and when they break down they fertilize the soil too.

These are all the vegetables and herbs I planted today. Lots of different tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and a few herbs that prefer to be started indoors. Our cats are going to LOVE the catnip!
Most of the seeds for our garden come from Baker Creek Heirloom. There were just a few varieties of vegetables that I wanted to grow that weren't available from Baker Creek, so I selected some heirloom ones from Johnny's Selected Seeds. But I will say, besides the beautiful packaging, I found the sowing directions and tips to be so much more helpful on the seed packets from Baker Creek. 

Outside the garden area has been cleared and the actual raised beds should be built this weekend.  I need to have some soil delivered so I can direct sow some seeds now that prefer cooler temperatures. It's getting exciting! I have so missed having a garden since we moved to Georgia almost two years ago. :)

Have a great rest of the week. 

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