Wednesday, March 19, 2014

master bedroom decorating

{sorry for the wrinkled linen sham...I am trying to get used to the inevitable with them, not quite sure I can}

So I think I last spoke about decorating our master bedroom in August??? I haven't done much else since I last shared with you. Yes, I am ranking up there on the slowest going decorating scale. I have unintentionally taken a decorating break and have just been "being", especially since the first of the year. It was a much needed and enjoyable break. But as a glimmer of warm weather is here and there, it inspires me to freshen and fluff our home a bit.
One little change I made was adding a simple trim to our lampshades. This is not a new idea for sure, but still one that makes such a difference in finishing a room. I hadn't even planned on doing it until I came across this trim in my craft room I've had for more years than I can remember and I thought it would be just perfect to use in our bedroom.


I just applied some fabric tac and worked my way around the lampshade. Quick & easy! 
It's subtle, yes but adds just the right amount of a finishing touch.


I have been hanging pictures and found some lovely accessories at our local antique shop so the room is starting to come together. I will share the whole room with you soon.

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