Wednesday, February 12, 2014

homekeeping | how to clean stuffed animals

Are your kids anything like mine {or at least Reed, at this point} and they have quite a collection of stuffed animals?  I know I adored them as a child as well, just don't remember having had so many...
Reed just moved out of a small toddler bed into a big bed and he sure wants every stuffed animal to sleep with him.
I really try so hard keeping up on housekeeping to keep dust at a minimum, yet things such as stuffed animals {and baskets, but that's another post} can so easily be overlooked that collect dust too.  The thought of him sleeping all snuggled up to all the dust in them, made me cringe!

We are having yet another snow storm in Georgia today, so while we are all tucked in safe & snug at home, I thought what a perfect day to involve Reed in "bathing" his stuffed animals. I asked Reed to gather all his   {and Luc's} stuffed animals and bring them down to the laundry room. He made many, many trips up & down the stairs. Bless his heart! We did four loads of stuffed animals if that gives you any idea how many he has. Most of them he received as milestones in his life or are gifts he asks for, so how do I say no to something he so dearly loves so much?

This is how I have found to clean them good. My dryer had a steam {sanitary} cycle so I throw a load of them into that and then do another super dry on high heat to make sure they are really dry from any steam moisture. Initially I was concerned if they would be damaged by the high heat, but they come out just fine and are so fluffy and clean.  I think even without a steam cycle, you could toss a wet towel in to create your own steam. I used to do that to get wrinkles out of clothes, sheets, etc.
Reed helped me load them and then sat on the floor in front of the dryer for the first load watching them go around and around in the dryer. After they were all dry, he made many trips returning them to their respective homes in either his or Luc's room. He so loves to be involved and help, and I so appreciate the help, frankly. :)

I try to do this every month to keep allergies at bay. I sure felt better tonight tucking him into bed knowing he is snuggling up to clean animals. :)

Have a great rest of your week. :)

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