Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Repurposed “Bookcase” for the kitchen

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I wanted to share with you a bookcase we repurposed in our kitchen. My mom gave us this bookcase about 8 years ago. I wish I had a ‘before’ picture to show you what just some paint can do to transform, but it was your typical medium-stained oak bookcase. Blah, blah, blah

The makeover I had planned for it 8 years ago was to paint it black as a base and a tan crackle coat on the top. After seeing the crackle finish on the shelves and doors, I just didn’t like it so Jeff stripped all the doors and shelves for me to just paint it. There sat an unfinished project and then well, we moved shortly thereafter and then it sat all these years in our basement in the home we just moved from in IL.

I think I have mentioned before, we are short on storage/good cabinet space in this house so we have tried to get creative in where/how to put everything. I have tried to really think outside the box with how to utilize all of the furniture we moved with us (especially since we have a small storage area and no room to store ‘extra’ furniture). Not ready to get rid of anything until we buy a house and are able to access what we do & don't need for the space. This bookcase was a perfect solution for the kitchen!

When we realized we needed more storage in this kitchen, Jeff finished painting it since I was having all those contractions back in June. I found some cute knobs at Hobby Lobby 50% off, of course (who buys anything there full-price???) that I thought would work no matter what color it ends up being in the future. We have black doors on the first floor in this house (which I love, BTW) so staying with it black made sense for now and it was less work for Jeff to finish. Some of the crackle medium must of stayed on even after stripping, so the bookcase definitely has some areas that are distressed, but that’s quite fine with me.

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Starting to do some fall decorating (need the rest of it to come out of the attic I may be tweaking these shelves once I see everything I have again). And, since I think the breadbox on the top is going to have to remain, I think it desperately needs a makeover! Nothing a couple coats of paint and a stencil won’t cure, but will it get done before baby arrives, that is the question!

What have you repurposed in your home?

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