Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Burlap Planters

Cosmo Burlap Planters Close up 
Hello…hope you had a great weekend. I finally got my pregnancy nesting energy (better late than never) and have been “nesting” like crazy ever since. Saturday I cleaned & detailed my car did several loads of laundry and planted my fall flowers. That’s like more than I used to be able to do in a week, LOL!
All my planters have really seen better days…they have been beaten up or just plain weathered. I had to big pots on our patio in our previous home that one was left out in a great Midwest winter and was drastically weathered compared to the matching one. I decided to wrap them both in burlap so as to disguise the color difference and I love the rustic feel of burlap especially in the fall.
I picked up some yardage at Hobby Lobby although now I find out The Home Depot sells it for a roll of 3 x 20 ft for about $12 in the garden center so I would go for that that option if I were you. I laid out 1 1/2 yards per pot and pulled it up over and tucked it in at the top gathering it on the sides a little. For a finishing detail, I added some jute twine.
Cosmo Burlap Planters2
and here is our front stoop in the evening with the lanterns & my favorite outdoor candles lit up.  I told you about those {here}.
LB eve Burlap
What have you re-imagined in your home to try to salvage it rather than tossing it and buying new?

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