Saturday, September 8, 2012

Long Term “Diaper” Bag

We are down to a little over three weeks and counting…and I sure need every minute of it. I am really behind in getting things done with the nursery, but am still hopeful I can get it all done since I know I won’t be doing too much after the baby is born initially, you know, ‘survival mode’! I have hit a bit of a snag with my idea on window treatments so I am challenging myself to still use what I have and get creative. Besides doing laundry, laundry and more baby laundry, I have been getting the last of the gear I needed to replace from when Reed was a baby.
The bag I used for Reed’s diaper bag had become no longer usable, so I have been on the hunt for a new bag, but this time one that I could use long-term. I had used a chic (or at least what I thought was chic, ha ha) tote that had a stylized giraffe pattern on it from Maxx New York handbags, but the handles just didn’t last well and began falling apart. This time I was willing to spend a bit more for good quality in hopes to use it well beyond just baby needs.
When I started my hunt, my requirements were it had to be washable, either via the washing machine or at least be able to wipe it completely down and not just “spot clean” it, if it had a zipper that would be ideal and for it not look like a diaper bag so I could use it beyond.

Here are the ones I considered:
Diaper Bag
Pottery Barn Waxed Canvas Tote
Loved the look of this (it even has what looks like a navy & white stripe lining which was cute) but I just wasn’t convinced about the real cleanability of the waxed canvas and it isn’t sold in stores for me to really see the fabric in person

Vera Bradley
Vera Bradley Miller Bag
Loved the idea of being able to throw it into the washer and line dry, but not convinced if any of the patterns were really for me and since I wanted this to be a long term bag and all…

So, this is the bag I chose
Diaper Bag 2
Longchamp Pilage Large size
Both the inside and outside are completely wipeable and I chose a neutral color that suits me. This is a bag I would buy for myself aside from needing a diaper bag so it will be perfect!

Have a great weekend!

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