Friday, February 3, 2012

New cookbook

Gwyneth 2 003
I LOVE cookbooks. I have found however, that what looked like a great cookbook, has only a couple recipes that I turn to. It seems like such a waste to have a whole book of recipes I don’t use. (The cookbooks you saw in my messy pantry are only 1/3 of all the ones I have). Most recipes I turn to are still Barefoot Contessa’s, some Giada and Everyday Food by MSL. When I hear of a new cookbook, I log onto my local library catalog and see if they have it. Most of the time they do and I can check it out and then see if it’s my type of recipes and worth adding to my collection. Rarely, they are and they go right back, with maybe jotting down or scanning in a recipe or two. So, when I got Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘My Father’s Daughter’ last weekend, I was immediately taken in. Her philosophy of cooking is right where I am these days. Nourishing, healthy, with vegetarian and vegan options. Even her baked goods are "healthy” using spelt flour and agave nectar instead of sugar, no eggs or dairy. I think this is definitely a keeper!!!
I tried this recipe from it for lunch (yesterday I made the oatmeal with vanilla soy milk topped with blueberries & bananas, way more delicious with milk than water!!!) It was super quick, just 15 minutes to throw together. After working out this morning and heading to Trader Joe’s for groceries, I was starving and craving something healthy & yummy. Have I told you, kale is my new favorite??? You must try it if you haven’t. It’s great as a salad green but also great steamed like in this dish and in soup such as Ribollita. I can’t get enough of it and it’s such a super food!

fried rice with kale & scallions
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Here’s the recipe if you would like to try it for yourself. :) I am thinking I will add chicken next time when I make it for dinner for Jeff & Reed.
Gwyneth 004

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Are you going to a Super Bowl party or hosting? We are hosting Jeff’s buddies. There’s going to be alot of less-than healthy goodies, so even better that I ate such a healthy lunch, LOL.

I just saw on Martha today a recipe for a kale, sausage, mushroom dip-it looked scrumptious. A great variation from that same old artichoke dip. Would be great to make for the big game.

Where do you find your go-to recipes?


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