Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I dream of organized spaces!

I don’t know what it is about this year so far-but I am obsessed with getting organized, and for good! I’ve done it a zillion times before, but I guess never in a way that actually worked for me since it always got unorganized in a matter of time.
I’ve been pouring over inspiration & tips everywhere to get my home into shape.

I saw this on the newsstand the other day and couldn’t wait to get it home to dive into it.

organize 002

I actually bought this last year and it has GREAT tips, but I guess I wasn’t in “that place”, you know?
organize 007

Here are some images from my Pinterest boards that get me all giddy imagining that I can make my home as beautiful & organized as these. Well, maybe not quite as beautiful since I am not comfortable spending too much $$ right until we decide that this is a long-term home but they are inspiration for incorporating some beautiful ideas into my own home. Can you guess what I am working on organizing right now?

Love the baskets to corral like items

all the glass jars/containers to decant dried goods

old baking pans painted to corral little stuff(somehow, I have acquired 5 bread pans, really how many does one need??)

I guess the theme I am looking for is some uniformity instead of it looking like “dog’s breakfast”. Just because it’s utilitarian doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, right?
I am lucky to have a walk-in pantry and it’s out of control…we even added extra shelves a couple years ago to maximize. It’s time for an overhaul! Our garbage can is in there, so any time we have guests, they always end up seeing this disaster. How nice would it be to open the door to see a beautifully organized space? I know it would thrill me every day!
Okay, so I am being REALLY brave and showing you the before. If you didn’t see how bad it was ‘before’, you can’t appreciate the ‘after’ as much, right? It ain’t pretty! Don’t judge. LOL!

There is soooo much in there that I am sure is past it’s prime or we no longer need. Cleaning that out alone will make a huge difference. We have at least 4 different gluten free pastas that I have tried to get Reed to eat pasta with no luck of him loving it.
pantry and soft pretzels 006

When we added the extra shelves, I also created labels so we knew what went where. More or less they have kept things in the general idea…but there’s just too much and the bottom shelf is overflow and who knows what really is all down there.
 pantry and soft pretzels 011

my baking shelf has overflowed to this smaller section, my cookbooks don’t fit
pantry and soft pretzels 008

Looking at these pictures makes me ill.
Stay tuned for my pantry makeover.

Are you working on any organizing projects?

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