Monday, February 13, 2012

Changing brands…can change your life

How was your weekend? We had a nice weekend. We had a great Valentine’s night out and Jeff surprised me with a spa gift certificate from our favorite spa near us. It’s in the Herrington Inn in Geneva. It’s not a big spa-but we have had some of the best services done there and we have tried some pretty decadent spas in our travels. If you live near here, check it out!!! He thought since these first couple months have been a little crazy start to the year, I could sooo use some pampering and relaxation. So sweet & generous! What a stinker though, we normally don’t exchange gifts for Valentine’s, our evening out is the gift to one another. I think I might get a sitter one afternoon and share it with him since we both deserve some pampering!

It dawned on me that I don’t think I ever really shared with you about how I came to know Shaklee’s products and what it has done for my family. You have just heard how much I LOVE their products, LOL!
As I have mentioned before, I had been making many “green” practices in my home for quite a few years. So, I had been using the non-toxic cleaners that were out there in the market place and they were okay, but I was never pleased. I stumbled across a blog, House of Grace early last spring and was immediately drawn in by how Bonnie had such a clean house and was so organized with 3 kids!!!  After reading about her testimonials about how much she loved Shaklee’s products, I finally took the plunge. With a minimum order, I qualified for a free cinch pack for weight loss which I so desperately wanted/needed to try. It arrived within a couple days and I tell you what, things have never been the same! I know that sounds so silly-but after all the hype Bonnie had put on how much she loved the products, I couldn’t wait to start trying them out. I started doing this on a Friday night even after Reed went to bed (that’s how excited I was to try them). I have NEVER, EVER been sooooo impressed with the performance of cleaning products, and the best part is they are all non-toxic. I spent the entire week cleaning every nook and crannie in my house because these products were so effective (hence it was fun, can I say cleaning products are fun?)to use. Okay, so I was hooked on the cleaning products!
Then I tried the Cinch weight loss Plan I got with my first order and was so over the moon with how great I felt. It was exactly what I needed to get me started on losing weight. I had so much energy having the 2 protein shakes, protein snack bars & an energy tea in the typical slump of the day and was feeling so great about doing something healthy for myself. Plus, the more energy you have, the more you are active, the more you lose weight,  the more energy you have…see where this is going? I have lost 30 lbs and 4 sizes. I am 18 lbs less than when I got pregnant with Reed in 2008 and I am a few pounds less than when I met Jeff back in 2000 (although your body is never quite the same after a baby, right?). This is the skinniest he has ever seen me and that makes me so excited! I think he likes it too, wink wink
I was so passionate about these products.  Shaklee, where have you been all of my life? I was telling all my friends and family about my new discovery, it’s like it was a hidden secret. Then it hit me…why should’t I be distributing these wonderful products myself if I am going to be talking about them with everyone? So, I did it. I became a distributor. It’s great to earn money from home on products I so strongly believe in and use myself.
Shortly after, we were in need of some more vitamins so since I had been beyond pleased with every other product, why not give the vitamins a try. You get so much packed into them-we found it actually saved us money from all the vitamins we were already taking, Multi-vitamin, Omega-3 fish oil and probiotics. Plus, Vitalizer gave us even more than what our other supplements were providing us. Then once we started taking them, we realized, we got something here. We feel amazing. In the beginning I would be all snuggled in bed drifting off to sleep and realized I forgot to take them, “oh well…, I am not getting out of bed”. Well, let me tell you, now if I were to forget which rarely happens, I get myself out of bed because I feel a drastic difference when I don’t take them. Yuck!
In a recent post, I talked about Reed taking the children’s multi and DHA vitamins, too.
Over the past few month I have started using the beauty products as my other products have been used up and have not been disappointed, either. I don’t know if I honestly could be. Shaklee puts soooo much research into their products and only wants to produce the very best-so how could really anyone not be happy with them???
So, pretty much everything in this house is Shaklee-itized that can be and I love using the very best, safest products. 
Shaklee’s products are about complete healthy living.  It’s not about buying products you don’t need, it’s about choosing to use better, safer, healthier products than you already are.

So, wouldn’t you say, changing brands…has changed my life? It can change yours too if you are ready to live a healthier life. 

These are the vitamins we take (Vitalizer). See all that you would have to eat to equal what is included in Vitalizer?No wonder we feel great!
Give Vitalizer a try, you’ll feel a difference or you money back!!!
 What vitalizer gives you

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