Monday, January 30, 2012

Dirty Dozen

Hi, how was your weekend?

Ours was a bit crazy, some things have come up and there were some decisions to be made…Jeff & I did the yoga “relaxation pose” Saturday night in front of the fire. What a HOT date night, right? LOL! Have you ever done yoga? I LOVE this pose, it’s amazing how it REALLY works and clears your mind. :) We woke up Sunday feeling so much more refreshed.

Do you buy organic produce? I am adamit about buying at least the dirty dozen produce in organic. This is especially important with young children, their bodies are smaller so the percentage of chemicals consumed is so much higher than if an adult consumed that same amount. In case you haven’t heard of this, the dirty dozen are the twelve produce items that have the most pesticide residue after washing and peeling just as we would in our homes. Something like a peach has pesticide residue all the way down to it’s pit! YIKES. If I cannot get these produce items organic, I just don’t buy them. Fortunately, the organic selection seems to be growing by leaps and bounds; I think us consumers are demanding it!!! We are choosing not to put harmful chemicals in our bodies when we can control it and growers and food companies are listening to us.
On the other side of it, is the "Clean 15" which is a list of produce that has pretty much no pesticide residue so they would be safe to eat non-organic. Did you know both of these lists can change year to year?

 Here is the most current list from 2011.
I thought I would create a new list and make it cute to share it with you so you could print it off and keep it in your purse. So much easier than trying to remember…

dirty dozen2

Here’s to your healthy eating!


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