Friday, January 20, 2012

Fresh-baked cookies, spur of the moment

Happy Friday!

It’s snowing here today…what could be better than some warm cookies right out of the oven after lunch? That’s what I thought too…unfortunately they are only for Reed! :(

Snickerdoodles 044

When I make Reed goodies I always make the full recipe, size them smaller and portion them out and freeze them since I think the same treat for weeks and weeks would be sooooo boring, not to mention, they would probably not taste as fresh towards the end.   For cookie dough balls, scoop them with an ice cream scoop for uniformity and then put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Once firm, put into freezer bags.  You can bake them right from the freezer-just allow a little extra baking time. For cutout cookie dough, once shaped into a flat round (it will make rolling out much easier), wrap in plastic wrap and put in freezer bag, allow to thaw and then just cutout the cookies.

I also portion out pizza dough I make in our bread machine the same way. It’s great to have some go-to meals at the ready!

Cupcakes freeze well, so I just freeze them after I bake them (I like to make the little mini’s for Reed). I can just grab some whenever I need to and just whip up some quick frosting while they defrost.

I just love having frozen goodies on hand for these type of days when baking is spur of the moment and you don't have to think about if you have all the ingredients on hand to make them. Now, I just have to get better at consistently doing this for entrees. Jeff's tells me his Grandma was great at doing this-there was always something in the freezer. 

So, do you freeze food to have at the ready? What types of things do you freeze?

Have a great weekend!


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