Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pottery Barn Outlet

We just got back in town last night from going to MI. Jeff had to go up there for business and ironically the day before he told me, I had just searched where Pottery Barn Outlets were…as it turns out it was only an hour or so away from Troy, MI. When he told me he needed to go up there, I was like, “YES, Reed and I can go shopping while you are working.” That sounds so wrong, doesn’t it? Well, it’s very fitting then that PB outlet wasn’t that great, for at least what I was looking for. I did see some good prices on the rugs and lamp bases and a few furnture pieces. Thought about a rug or a floor lamp, but the issue was where was I going to put it, we were already filled to the brim in the suv( although I am not the master packer that Jeff is, he assured me on the way home he could of got it to fit). However, most of the things I saw and would be interested weren’t that inexpensive, more like what you would find on sale at a regular PB store. So, if you have bumming about not having an outlet near you as I was, don’t fret- I wasn’t that impressed since I feel like the sales at the regular store are pretty good.

Sorry, I am so new to this blogging mindset that I totally flew out of the house and forgot to grab my camera-it would have been good to show you pictures, huh?

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