Friday, August 19, 2011

Have you tried…

Starbuck’s Iced Coffee blend?  I found out about it while reading the New Nostalgia blog. Have you seen this blog? Amy’s blog is very inspiring to get back to simpler times, eat more healthfully and to focus on what really is important in life. Check it out, HERE.
She posted this recipe for a 3-ingredient chocolate almond iced latte using the new Starbuck’s iced blend. I had been looking for it in the grocery stores, but ultimately just picked it up at the Starbuck’s at Barnes & Noble last week. The other day, I had to get a couple things at Target so I picked up the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and made it for the first time that afternoon. Ohhhh wow, it is heavenly! I must confess, I added just a splash of a terrible, terrible vice (Sweet Italian Cream Coffee Mate creamer) to give it a creamier taste. I was always a half & half drinker until I had to cut back on any dairy products while I was nursing to see if it helped Reed’s eczema.   Now I am addicted to the stuff…Anyway, this latte is a great afternoon pick me up! It’s hard to have just one though; at 120 calories for the almond milk (yikes, I drink the 35 calorie version in my Cinch shakes), this could be a bad habit ( I am drinking one right now). Smile
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 How about it? Treat yourself (and hey, it’s A LOT cheaper than running to Starbuck’s for an iced latte…now if I can find out how to make a good Pumpkin Spice Latte come fall…)
Have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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