Tuesday, August 6, 2013

natural relief for seasonal allergies

natural relief for seasonal allergies {original picture from Williams Sonoma}

How have your allergies been this summer? Mine are awful !!! It’s so draining. I don’t know if it’s this climate here in Georgia or the allergies are just worse this year, but I need some relief.  Since I always prefer a homeopathic approach, I have been researching ways to calm allergies, naturally. I kept seeing local {it has to be local since you want the bees to pollinate on the triggers in your area} honey come up again and again on giving amazing results in a teaspoon a day to seasonal allergies.
I was able to finally get over to our town’s Saturday morning farmer’s market this past weekend. It’s a small little market, but it had just what I needed for that evening’s dinner and local honey. I chose the sourwood honey. Wow, I have never had honey that was so flavorful. So, I have been taking a teaspoon a day since Saturday{and attempting to get Reed & Jeff to take it as well}. The farmer I spoke with told me he couldn’t believe the repeat customers who swear by the results even after a month. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!I sure am hopeful. :)
I will keep you posted.

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