Thursday, April 24, 2014

what's growing in the garden

 This week we have had just gorgeous weather. I almost forget it isn't summer yet. I was at Target yesterday and they had all the Memorial Day "supplies" out and I felt a bit of excitement inside that summer is right around the corner. Aren't you ready for summer, too? I think most of us had a long, hard winter no matter where in the country we seem to be. Even here in Georgia I couldn't escape the cold & snow!
I thought I would share a few things growing in the garden these days. These beautiful purple/blue flowers are one of the many delightful surprises we have had come up this spring. We've already gone through yellow and white daffodils that have naturalized throughout the backyard under the trees. Now we have these gorgeous flowers. Anyone know what they are? I am still learning all the native plants of the south and have not seen these before.

In our actual vegetable garden, we have lettuce seedlings growing plentifully. One of my favorites is buttercrunch. I planted four different varieties of lettuce all along the front of the raised beds. Nothing like a salad of fresh greens just picked from the garden. Hoping these are as bolt-proof as the description says. :)
Our carrots and cilantro have just sprouted and we had two ripe strawberries today! I get such pleasure out of growing our food.

And here is one of the three flats grown from seeds indoors getting acclimated to the outdoors before planting. I just started leaving them out all night, but covered. They will get officially planted this weekend.  Look at the flowers on the cucumbers! Poor things are soooooo ready.

Have a great rest of the week. 

Jeff & I have a date Saturday night to celebrate my upcoming big 4-0 birthday! So excited, about the date, not the birthday, just kidding. I have been feeling actually proud about it when I really stop and think about it.

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